Buying Guide: SmartMousse

Choose your SmartMousse considering 2 factors:
1. the rim inner width (suggested minimum inner rim width 30mm)
2. the tire that you're using 


- BE AWARE: DH casing tire and reinforced tire will increase A LOT the fitting difficulties

- SmartMousse inserts are designed for off-road use<
- SmartMousse must not be stored at more than 30°C for any lenght of time. It’s strongly recommended to avoid exposing SmartMousse to sun light.
- SmartMousse has a lifespan of up to 12 months from the date it’s first fitted to the bike. Its working life is significantly lower when used intensively.
- SmartTube can be use only in association with SmartMousse inserts. 
- For a longer life, is recommended to remove the air inside the SmartTube after use.
- Do not exceed 2 bar (29 psi).